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November 2020

Markus Brier – I just love to play golf

Markus Brier, for some an unknown player in the golf world, for some a pioneer of European golf, respectively, a perceived player, near the former Eastern bloc. Many people have known you since the days when golf courses were not yet in Slovakia and most of the players played in Austria.Markus, thank you for answering the questions. You signed up for the Penati Slovak Open, why did you choose this tournament?As my tour (the Legends Tour) was cancelled I...

September 2020

Ondro Lieser wins Penati Slovak Open Championship 2020

Ondro Lieser víťazom Penati Slovak Open Championship 2020 Štvrtý ročník sa vydaril, nepochybne ! After two days of play, we met the winner of the Penati Slovak Open Championship 2020 at the Penati Golf Resort, on the Legend course. The highest win in the short history of the event so far, 10.000 Euros were won by Ondřej Lieser from the Czech Republic, who finished second last year, after a memorable play off with Rory Sabbatini. He won the victory with 71 and...

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