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July 2022

Matúš Kudláč for the second time at the Penati Slovak Open

At the Open Championship of the Lomnica Golf Club, a wild card was again played for the Penati Slovak Open. Matúš Kudláč will play at the Penati Slovak Open for the second time, as he won participation in the LGK Championship just like last year. Matúš played three rounds of 69, 71, 75 and a total of 215 shots, he was the best among all amateur players. Big congratulations!

June 2022

Wild Card at the Penati Slovak Open for Alexandru Šulíkovú and Lukáša Gaburu

Slovak Junior Amateur Championship took place from 25.-27. June on the courses of Penati Golf Resort. Victoria Krnáčová was the best in the mix of girls' categories, but she will be in the USA in September, where she is studying at university, Alexandra Šulíková became the second Slovak player to play the Penati Slovak Open after a one-year break. Lukáš Gabura is a very experienced player, but also a player who is also a memorial to the first year of the Slovak...

Wild Card at the Penati Slovak Open for Kamil Krajčovič and Andrej Chochoľ

Wild Card for Kamil Krajčovič and Andrej Chochoľ at the Mid Am Slovak Championship and Penati Pro Am Classic tournaments. Other qualifying tournaments. The Penati Pro Am Classic tournament was again dominated by Andrej Chochoľ, who after excellent results deservedly took over the Wild Card from the tournament promoter Pavel Bielik. At the MID AM SLOVAK Championship, Kamil Krajčovič, who has already played the Penati Slovak Open once, won the Wild Card after three rounds. Congratulations to both winners! Origin Photo: Martin Zilka, SKGA  

May 2022

Penati Slovak Open 2022 Entries Open

The Penati Slovak Open 2022 is unsustainably approaching and on this day we are officially opening the opportunity to register for this tournament. Last year, we welcomed players who showed great ambition to become a winner, but only one, Filip Mrúzek CZ, managed to do so. He had a fantastic season, which he spiced up with victory at the Penati Slovak Open. In 2022, the € 20,000 prize fund will be played again, but after long negotiations we are bringing another extra...

December 2021

Thank you to all Partners

Thanks to all the partners who supported us in the year 2021. We are looking forward to the year 2022, which will take place on September 11 - 13. At the same time, we are convinced that the cooperation with Raiffeissen BANK will continue in 2022. We are very happy that we agreed on a long-term cooperation when the tournament started in 2017. Gradually, as the tournament grew with interesting player names, new Tournament Partners were added. ...

September 2021

Filip Mrúzek won Penati Slovak Open 2021

Penati Slovak Open 2021 was won by Filip Mrúzek by four shots when he did not hesitate after the results of 64 and 67/31 shots. The best Slovak player was Peter Valášek, who after yesterday's 73 shots played today 65 shots / -8, 138 shots and finished in the third place together with Michal Pospíšil 70, 68 shots. Stanislav Matuš finished second for the results of 70, 65/135 shots - 11 and Adam Puchmelter closed the TOP 5, which...

July 2021


With a membership of 42 Member Countries across multiple continents, the Confederation of Professional Golf [CPG] recognises the importance of togetherness and collaboration. The PGAs of Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia – three of those 42 Member Countries – have provided a perfect example of this principle with a recent announcement that they will unite through a new, joint-event project. The ‘PGA Open Series’ will combine three tournaments, one played in each of the three countries, to create a fantastic new mini-series...

May 2021


We have been a proud partner of the Penati Slovak Open Championship for several years. As one of the largest transport companies in Slovakia, we try to help our surroundings and support activities that are worth it. Sport and ecology have therefore been our main topics for a long time. We know that sport is important not only in terms of a healthy lifestyle and fitness, but it also has a positive effect on our minds. Therefore, NAD - RESS...