The exciting conclusion of the Slovak Championship Open ’19. The trophy was taken by R. Sabbatini

The exciting conclusion of the Slovak Championship Open ’19. The trophy was taken by R. Sabbatini

A thing unprecedented in Slovakia: a large group of spectators moved behind the playing junk to look for the best view. After three years of existence, the Slovak Championship Open is becoming increasingly popular. This time, the participation of the Slovakian representative Rora Sabbatini has undoubtedly contributed to this. He also took the winning trophy from Penati.

Slovak Championship Open winner Rory Sabbatini with his wife Martin.

During two laps at the Legend course in the prestigious Slovak golf resort Penati near Senica, we also saw Czech visitors among the spectators, the only Slovak Ladies European Tour winner Zuzana Kamasová, several top Slovak golfers, but perhaps even junior Skalica and playground managers. They were attracted not only by this golf holiday, but mainly by the main star of this event – 43-year-old Rory Sabbatini. Czech-Slovak duel However, as it turned out, Rory’s balanced partner until the end was a young Czech professional Ondřej Lieser. Not only did they have the same result after the first day (69 shots), but with the same number of shots (this time 70) they left the island grove of the 18th hole on the final day of the tournament. The winner of the trophy was decided by the repeated play off – again on the 18th hole. Eventually, the more experienced player Sabbatini with South African roots living with his Slovak wife Martin in Florida, who has been playing with Slovak citizenship for Slovakia this season, was better off the exciting fight. Including PGA major tournaments such as the US and British Open.

Odovzdávanie trofeje a šeku víťazovi.

And so the winner of the most prestigious Slovak tournament, the Slovak Championship open to foreign players, appeared after two Czech names – Peter Nič (winner of 2017) and Filip Mrůzek (2018) the name of a Slovak representative and most likely the next year’s Olympic champion R. Sabbatini . At the same time he started without a training round, which he simply did not manage due to the European Tour tournament in Hamburg. At the final discussion with the media did not even hide that he felt tired and it was seen on some not very successful heels, which had to fight until the last moments with the aforementioned Czech. For both days, however, he was supported by his wife, who also gave him a cup of tea instead of an otherwise professional cup of tea, to which he gave leave. On this account, Rory jokingly remarked that at other times she was the boss, but this time he was.

Albatros by O. Liesera

Czech professional Ondřej Lieser in the foreground) fought for victory until the last moment.

Much more valuable, however, were his words to address the main opponent Ondřej Lieser. He appreciated the level of his play with the word “fantastic”. Evidence of this is the fact that in the first round on the fifteenth hole, which was played as a six-pairs, Ondrej played a sample albatross, when he got into the hole with a third stroke! In the second round, as the winners of the first played together in one flick, so they could immediately confront each other. By the end, O. Lieser had several holes in the lead and R. Sabbatini equalized the score with an exemplary long birdie on the 18th hole. He then confirmed it in the shootout. He also received a check for € 2,000 for winning the Cup.

The best amateur P. Mach

The best performance of the amateur player came to the award. It was 148 shots by Slovak golf player Pavol Mach.

Organizers and partners

Main organizers Peter Petrovič (left) and Pavol Bielik.

Two tireless organizers Peter Petrovič and Pavol Bielik as well as the main sponsors of the bank Raiffeisen and Luxury Apartments Penati Golf Resort are behind the high and constantly rising level of the Slovak Championship Open. Radomír Holečka, sports director of the Penati resort, was also pleased, where the Slovak Championship Open has been playing for three consecutive years: “It’s a nice home event from the workshop of the Slovak PGA, as it should have been here long ago. We are pleased that its continuity continues. ” Words of recognition were also added by SKGA Vice President Rastislav Antala. He was looking forward to seeing this Sabbini event on the calendar, as he had promised at the beginning of the season, and he and Ondřej Lieser fought to the end and made a thrilling conclusion.