Tournament propositions


Official Brochure




Tournament is for  members of  all PGA associations

Organizer: PGA TOUR SLOVAKIA,  s.r.o. , Coorganizer PGA SK o.z.

  1. Director of tournament : Peter Petrovič
  2. Head referee: Rasťo Michalák
  3. Tournament committee: Peter Petrovič, Pavol Bielik, Rasťo Michalák
  1. Entries  : the entry  forms of PRO players  ENTRY

Entry conditions  :

  • PRO 190 eur
  • AM 190 eur (amateur player must have Wild Card )

WEB INFO: , , Instagram – @slovakopen Facebook – @SlovakchampionshipOpen @pgaofslovakia , .

Restriction of participation :

  • number of players is 120 for tournament with gradual start
  • Committee establishes “Pace of play” to 4: 25, arrival after this time will be penalized –  for every 10 minutes, 1 stroke will be added
  • Delayed arrival on the start : to 5 minutes – 2 stroke penalty,  after 5 minutes – disqualification

Catering : lunch after play –  choice of two meals

Prizes :


Game system and technical conditions

  • Category : pro stroke play
  • Stroke play : in accordance to competetive system of SKGA, the Rules of Golf as approved by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and to the Local Rules approved by the Legend Course
  • Players are requried to keep dress code prior to the tournament start and is intended for all pga members ( shirt with collar,long trousers, shoes, – violation of this rule is punished by disqualification
  • Mobile phones, distance measuring devices are forbidden

Start :

  • gradual from 9:00
  • Start time : start list on website one day before the tournament after 17:00 Change of time or system of start will be always announced  on website SKGA  , and one day before  tournament

Decisions of ties

PRO category :  in the event of a tie , the winner shall be decided by a „sudden death“, playoff over holes which will be determined by the Championship Committee

Pro player in case of winning a PM,  must be  present for the tournament result presentation, sing an oficial winning document, if not, the PM  falls in favor of Championship  committee

Result of tournament  withing 15 minutes after the last scorecard will be uploaded

Championship committee: Peter Petrovič, Pavol Bielik, Rasťo Michalák